Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well, Christmas is over and now comes paying the bills part. Not only did I buy myself a new laptop but I also bought a new tower. Both are upgrades from what I have and will run on Vista (which I like, by the way). I think I got a good deal for both of them. Total cost was only 1400.00 for both. Computers are sure getting cheap these days.

Kidlet is back from Oklahoma. Went and fetched her today. I'm tired and sore as well. I decided to move furniture around Friday night by myself. Remind me next time to hire someone...haha.

I have to work tomorrow but off on New Year's Day. I hope everyone has a happy New Year!!!

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dona said...

Happy New Year to you and kidlet!
I expect to see you putting good use to those new Computers!! :)