Friday, August 29, 2008

Still have same job..

Well, my job search bomb out. No one called me back for the job or some didn't call me for an interview. I guess I'm stuck where I am at. I'm still hoping for a 7-3:30 shift and once my team leader gets back from wherever she is, I'll talk to her about it. Right now I'm working 9:30-6 which isn't a good shift but better than 11-7:30 any day. School is going okay. I'm knee deep into Humanties right now and wishing this class was over. The next class will be even harder but this one, I just don't really care for at all. Each class will be getting harder and harder, I know. Kidlet is doing good. Started back to school and I think she is happy about it. She always prefers to stay home with MOM, of course. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Job Interview

I have a job interview on Monday. It is for a receptionist job outside of the town I am currently in. I pray with all my heart I will get it so I can get off those phones. I am beginning to hate this new job. They don't keep their promises of raises and I hate working swing shifts. I want to work consistent hours, preferably 8-5 with weekends off. I'm taking off tomorrow because if I go in, I'll just scream. I've handled 100 calls in two days!! Wish me luck on the new job hunt!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

I have news!!!!

I'm going to be a Grandma again!! Lauren, who has been trying for two years, is almost 8 weeks pregnant. I am hoping she does not lose it since she's already lost one. I'm constantly on her to slow down and take it easy. Going to see her tomorrow be all motherly and stuff! : ) I'm excited!

Work is going good. This week was a little slow but today was really busy. They keep changing my schedule so much I never know what hours I'll be working. Worked 6-2:30 this week and next week I'll be on 9-5:30 shift. I wish they'd let us keep specific hours. It will be hard getting kidlet off to school with such wacky hours.

It's been horrendously HOT here lately. 100 today, tomorrow, and 105 on Sunday! I've only mowed my grass once this summer!

I'm in my last week of my third class. I really don't like this Team stuff they make us do. Two of our team mates were supposed to turn in assignments yesterday and they have yet to even post. I'll be writing a paper all weekend. It is due on Monday. Thankfully I'm off this Monday as well. What a way to spend a three day weekend. : )