Thursday, September 18, 2008

An update...

Hurrican Ike update (for McGregor)

We didn't get much rain, we didn't get much wind. What I did get was my sister and her two grandsons at my house for four days because she didn't have any electricity. Did I mention I'm not used to the noise a 3 yr old and a 10? mon. old makes? ACK!! On a good note, Sarah, Mark, and the boys (my two Grandsons) came up to stay with Lauren and BJ because they didn't have any electricity. I got to see my newest Grandson who is only 17 months old and already walking! Both boys were so cute though.

I may have a job, I'll find out tomorrow about it. Lady thinks I'm over qualified for the position, go figure. She wants to train me to take her place so she can retire in 3-4 years. Told her sounds like my kind of job. It's 40.00 less a week than what I was making but hours make up for it. Will be working 8-5 and off WEEKENDS! Praying she hires me!! Cross your fingers for me!

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