Sunday, March 06, 2011

Miss Caylee is TWO!

Little Miss Caylee turned two yesterday. As you can see, she wants everything. She was trying to grab my purple covered phone as I was taking her picture. She just is the cutest thing! The babies are getting so big its hard to tell them apart. Both are FAT and CHUBBY! Kidlet is driving is driving me nuts. Taking her to OK this coming Friday for a week. Maybe by the time she comes back my bad mood will be gone.

Only have TWO more classes and then I graduate! Yay me!!!


dona said...

YAY for you on graduating! Caylee is adorable. Just like them to grab at your phone or camera....too cute. WHY no pics of the babies?

Hope you get some rest after Friday.

SymplyAmused said...

Sorry, I was busy holding them too much to take a picture! : )