Sunday, July 10, 2005

What have I done?

I have willingly or unwillingly, whichever the case may be, put a profile up on Yahoo Personals. Of course, I expect no emails, no undying words of OMG! I need to meet you, nor do I expect it will go on past the one month I decided to shell out for which by the way, could've been put to better use just buying chocolate and engorging myself thus ending this need to totally embarass and cause sheer humilation as others read my profile. I don't do well in dating, can you tell? I do good just to chat in IMs with others. I don't know the nuances, the games, who or how others can pretend to want to chat, only to find out they much rather know, "Hey, did you get laid lately"? So what if it's been five years. Big deal. I'm not dead yet. I'm just, okay, I'm picky dang it. I feel I have the right to be at my age. I've lived long enough where I don't need the bs nor do I want my child to be around some overgrown hormonal can't keep it in his pants man. I deserve romance, kind words, and yes, by god, love. Tell me again why I am on Yahoo Personals?

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