Saturday, May 27, 2006

Life is changing...

My life is fixing to change! I found a new place to rent and hopefully the septic won't back up. The power surges won't blow up my computers and life will once again sail smoothly so I don't lose my mind. I don't get to move until July 1st but I am already busy packing up things I don't use but want to keep. Throwing out things I've kept for some unknown reason but don't really need. Simplifying my life as much as possible. Unfortunately I have to use my vacation time to move but I guess that's all okay. I never go anywhere anyway. Kid will be sent to Oklahomas to stay with a friend that week so when she comes "home" the new place will be it. I think most of my boxes are full of books. I counting at least 15 and that's not counting the trunk of paperbacks I have in my bedroom. I hope to fix up the extra room as a den for me. Make bookshelves, put computer in there, and find a good comfortable chair to lounge in to read. I'm excited. Ready for a change. My life is growing too stagnant. Once the move is over, we will see what other changes I may do for myself. : )

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