Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have a job!!!!! ( I think)

I went to a Job Fair today in Waco. There is a new call center opening in McGregor for a company called Convergys. I've never had the opportunity to do call center work and thankfully they train you. The pay is much better than what I was getting and as long as I pass the background check and piss test, all's a go. I'll report to training on Jan. 28th. Ironically, that is the same day I started working for the original company I am at now. Only five years later. Strange, eh? I think my last day at my company is the 18th. I'll have to go two weeks without a check but hoping income tax check comes in and that will tide me over. The next time you call AT&T, it just might be me on the other end of the phone!!! : )


a bunny said...

Sorry to pop in unannounced and all, but this sounds like such great news I just had to come by and wish you luck. Fingers are crossed.

SymplyAmused said...

Thanks!! I'm eggscited (as my daughters says)