Saturday, January 19, 2008

Update on my life...

Okay, some changes still going on here.
1.) My current job is now still available till at least May. I am staying with it till they shut the doors so that I can get my three week's vacation pay as severance.
2.) I am not taking the new job. I am calling them on Tuesday to explain the unlaying off I am being and would hope they'll let me re-apply when the doors do shut.
3.) There is another job that may become available by the end of May so that option is sort of open.

I've been called stupid for staying where I am when the job isn't secure but I LOVE that job. Plus it's I'm loyal. A bad trait, I know but I am. I'm still going nuts over all of it but for now, I have a steady paycheck.

To Dona...THANK YOU!: )

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