Thursday, May 01, 2008

I need a new nose...

Ooooh, I hate this! On Monday, my nose started it's annual.."I'm not going to let you breathe without pain and I'll constantly drip" stage. Whatever is in the air needs to go AWAY!

On a brighter note, I think Lauren and BJ are going to help me buy a new car. My pickup is a 1992 (with a new motor) but it's slowly falling apart. I've been looking at Toyota Yaris's and I may get that. One, it's cheap. Two, it has good gas mileage. Today I have to go to tax office and apply for a lost title on my pickup. I have yet to figure out what happened to that thing so need that before I can trade mine in. I might call my ex bf and see if he wants to buy it from me, he loves mazdas!!! We'll see though. First things to tax office after work today!

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William J. said...

Hi There

I have the same problem with my nose.

Wanted to let you know that I am closing my blog for a few days and will open it at another point.