Friday, August 01, 2008

I have news!!!!

I'm going to be a Grandma again!! Lauren, who has been trying for two years, is almost 8 weeks pregnant. I am hoping she does not lose it since she's already lost one. I'm constantly on her to slow down and take it easy. Going to see her tomorrow be all motherly and stuff! : ) I'm excited!

Work is going good. This week was a little slow but today was really busy. They keep changing my schedule so much I never know what hours I'll be working. Worked 6-2:30 this week and next week I'll be on 9-5:30 shift. I wish they'd let us keep specific hours. It will be hard getting kidlet off to school with such wacky hours.

It's been horrendously HOT here lately. 100 today, tomorrow, and 105 on Sunday! I've only mowed my grass once this summer!

I'm in my last week of my third class. I really don't like this Team stuff they make us do. Two of our team mates were supposed to turn in assignments yesterday and they have yet to even post. I'll be writing a paper all weekend. It is due on Monday. Thankfully I'm off this Monday as well. What a way to spend a three day weekend. : )


dona said...

Congrats on the baby many does that make now?
I am with you on the heat...I have had enough already.
How is kidlet by the way? I hope she enjoyed her trip to OK.

Have a great Monday!

SymplyAmused said...

This makes Grandchild number three!! I'm getting to be an old lady!! Kidlet is good. She's excited about the baby. Wants to help her sister "push" hahahaha

2 Dollar Productions said...

Hopefully you got some rain from the storm yesterday, and I know what you mean about team assignments. Don't let them screw you up. Ha.

Finally, I like the changed look of the blog as I hadn't been here for a bit. Very cool.

SymplyAmused said...

Ha! We barely got any rain at all. I wish we would. My yard looks completely dead. I guess that's a good thing though, don't have to mow. : )