Friday, August 29, 2008

Still have same job..

Well, my job search bomb out. No one called me back for the job or some didn't call me for an interview. I guess I'm stuck where I am at. I'm still hoping for a 7-3:30 shift and once my team leader gets back from wherever she is, I'll talk to her about it. Right now I'm working 9:30-6 which isn't a good shift but better than 11-7:30 any day. School is going okay. I'm knee deep into Humanties right now and wishing this class was over. The next class will be even harder but this one, I just don't really care for at all. Each class will be getting harder and harder, I know. Kidlet is doing good. Started back to school and I think she is happy about it. She always prefers to stay home with MOM, of course. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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dona said...

Hello Symply, its nice to see you back....although,I have no excuse I am not posting either! haha
So sorry on the job hunt...but I am sure things will turn your way soon.
I still think its great of you to be doing the schooling thing with all you have to do otherwise. Best of luck to you and glad Kidlet is happy.