Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving is over...Christmas right around the corner...

My sitter put up her Christmas tree today. What is it with people wanting to rush Christmas here? I don't do lights, trees, or barely any gifts. It's so hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit anymore. Kidlet has one of those fiber optic trees she likes to keep in her room year 'round because of the lights. That's our tree. I don't buy her gifts much mainly because I can't afford it. She gets some stuff from MHMR Christmas Wish list and a few friends but she really doesn't need much. She's happy with her CDs, Movies (Smallville), and such. Good thing, huh?

For me, I get that SADD every winter to where I just get depressed and want to do NOTHING. Of course, it doesn't help that it's been 3 months since my last you-know-what and my hormones are all out of whack again.

I started a new class on Tuesday and so far, I don't like the teacher. I've asked him two questions in my individual folder and have yet to get a response. Maybe I'm expecting too much due to the holidays? I really don't want to do this course but I will stick it out as usual.

Yes, I know, I'm whining. I figure I'm entitled, I haven't done it in a long time, have I?

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