Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, Christmas is almost upon us. I, personally, am ready for it to be over. Too many people stressing this year about how can they afford to get their kids toys. Myself, kidlet isn't getting anything from me. Before you raise your arms in protest, there are presents for her from others and I feel I buy her enough during the year. I just bought her a new boombox as well because her's bit the dust AGAIN. I don't do holidays well. I'm ready for this one to be over.

School is going okay, I guess. My team mates in my current class are NO help at all with the team project that is worth 30% of my grade. I've been trying to write it all myself and have no clue as to what I am doing. I have a friend who has already taken the class and she is helping me organize it so Kudos to Kel!

I haven't seen Lauren much lately. She's been very busy since she got back from Disney World. She didn't take her Momma!

I found out today they bought Zebras about a month ago. That's right, ZEBRAS. I admit, I am jealous when someone can go out and spend $8,000 on two breeding Zebras and I can barely buy groceries. Is that wrong of me?

Kidlet is on school break and our classes are on hold for two weeks as well. We aren't required to post either, which is nice. I do expect to berate my team mates though for their lack of help in organizing this paper. That's coming very soon. I have not mentioned I'm writing it by myself. No way will I post it to them until the very last and they will not get a mention.

That's it for my life. Exciting, is it not?

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