Friday, September 25, 2009

Another class ended

Well, I survived Humanities 102 and I believe I made an A. I haven't received the final grade yet but going by what I've made so far, it should be an A. I was pleasantly surprised that our final team project passed with such flying colors (14.7 out of 15 points). I had a good team this time but one of the people didn't do much for the last project. I hate waiting till the last minute to do things and she waited until Sunday to finally post something. By that time I had written her part as a backup. But I guess it doesn't truly matter, since we did so well anyway, right? My next class is Microeconomics. I've had Micro and Macro before but this school wouldn't transfer the credits so I have to take them again. I hope it isn't as boring as the regular classes were when I went to campus. That class you could take a nap in it was so boring. There is a lot of reading and writing of course but I hope to get an early start this weekend. I have another week to go before class actually begins and I want to get a head start on the first paper that is due.

Not much else is going on. Pulling as much OT as I can at work in order to have a decent check. Taking care of kidlet and loving my grandbaby, Caylee. I'm off to put on my shoes and head to work. Happy TGIF!

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