Friday, June 20, 2008

Catch up time...

Life is good.
Making A's in school. Job is going great. Love the new car. Kidlet is healthy. I'm healthy (least I think I am). Not much else going on right now. No time to blog, get on AOL much, or think. I pretty much just go to work, come home and write papers for school, tend to kidlet, and if I have time, do something for me. I am off this weekend and hope to take kidlet to movies. I want to see the new Narnia movie but don't think she'll sit through it all. We may go see Kung Fu Panda instead. I'm suppose to put an alarm in my car this coming Thursday. Small town to be needing it but with being new, I want to do it.

I swear I'll get to post office soon! Hopefully by next Thursday when I have the whole day off : )Hang in there!!!

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dona said...

Hey don't be worryin about sending me anything....take some time for yourself and Kidlet! As a matter of fact I would like to just go see Kung Fu Panda with you guys!!! Swing by and pick me up..k? :)