Sunday, June 29, 2008

Okay, it's official...I am no longer a pet person..

Lauren gave me a kitten. It's a cute little thing. It's also a vicious little thing. No, not really. But he does like to play and nothing like being woke up as a kitten pounces on your face at 7am in the morning. I think I would do better if he were declawed but he's too young for it yet. Plus, my nose has been stuffy since I got him so I think I don't do well with cat dander. Vicky hides in her bedroom so he can't stratch her as well. He's going back to Lauren, today. One way or another. Lauren owns about four cats and he'll have someone to play with there. Instead of my feet, legs, arms, face, etc... : )

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dona said...

That's too funny!