Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th Everyone!!!

I'm glad it's the weekend although I have to start writing yet another paper for class. I finished one this morning and need to start on paper number two for next Monday. These classes are SOOOO intense!

I get to work 7-3:30 next week and hope to do so for at least a month. I love working days because they seem to go by so much faster. Trying to work from 4-7:30pm every night just drags. Things are good from 11am-about 4pm then they just seem to drag no matter how busy the phones are at work.

Today at work the phones weren't too bad. Everyone was off doing things. Yesterday though it was like everyone wanted to call before the holiday. I did 41 calls!! I think I barely did 25 today. I forgot to look.

Kidlet is off with sitter right now. She took her with them to her brother's house for bbq and fireworks. Called me and said Vicky was having a blast. I'm glad, I get peace and quiet and Vicky gets to have fun. : )

She's supposed to go to OK in about two weeks. Hoping nothing goes wrong and my friend can take her. Sitter is going on vaction the 20th through the 26th and won't have anyone to watch her. Cross your fingers nothing messes up!

I'm off to watch a movie, enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!


dona said...

Hope you enjoyed your movie...and Happy 4th to you too!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Hope your weekend went well & you had an excellent time. I skipped the above post on the first editor's note . . . Ha.

SymplyAmused said...

haha, chicken!!