Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's Me..

I'm still here. It's been so hot and torturous in the warehouses this past week that I come home, shower, and fall out on the bed. I find myself moving only under duress. I'm getting too spoiled. I like air conditioning! Nothing new to report except kidlet has a cough. Doctor says he "thinks" it's due to allergies but did take a chest x-ray of her. She also had blood taken for a thyroid test because she's lost about 40 lbs within this past year with no changes happening in her lifestyle. I wish MOM could do that! Hopefully the results will come back okay and we can chalk it up to her losing her babyfat. She is 18 now and should've thinned out some. She'll always have that gut, it's part of what she has, but her legs and arms are much thinner now. I'm proud of my 7 lb loss. I only have ...ummm... 30 more lbs to go.

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