Thursday, August 03, 2006

I've refrained but it's time...

I've purposely not stated anything in here about the whole Mel Gibson fiasco but everywhere you go, you read or hear people yapping about it. The media isn't helping, really. True he should not have said anything about Jews. True, he APOLOGIZED. Are we such a nation that we don't have forgiveness anymore? Do we just drain out every bit of someone's mistake and make it tenfold because we are happy to see someone of such stature fall? Personally, I think he should be forgiven. If it makes the Jewish community happy, reach out to him and teach him some of your beliefs. The reasons why it's important to fight for your beliefs. There is no more tolerance in this world. People are quick to anger and just as quick to NOT forget. I think that's one of the good points of my mind slowly going at times. I forget things. I forget what I'm mad about. I know I'm mad but it's hard to stay that way if you don't remember how you got there in the first place. Learning to let go and accepting that people are not perfect is one way to put an end to anger. How many times have you said something that you wished you had not????

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