Saturday, September 09, 2006

Never lean over your kid while washing her hair...

I was rinsing my daughter's hair last night and she went to come up and boy, did she ever! The back of her head whacked me so hard on my chin that my teeth slammed together. Fortunately, I didn't bite my tongue but I now have a bruise on the bottom of my chin and my jaw has been aching since. She keeps telling me she is sorry and I know it was an accident but it still hurts!!! She felt so bad that Mom bought her the new movie, Brother Bear 2, at Walmart today. I couldn't really afford it but I hate to tell her no because we don't have much to begin with. I can do without a few things for another week if it makes her happy. She's glued to the TV right now watching it. I think I'll go watch it with her...later !!!

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Brighton said...

It happens, I have no idea how many times my kids have bonked me in the head, chin, body.
Watch the movie, snuggle in- if a bonk on the chin gives you quality time then here's to more bonks!!!