Thursday, September 21, 2006

This shouldn't be allowed to happen..

It shouldn't happen but it does. I go to sleep and four to five hours later I wake up. Toss and turn. Say to heck with it and get up. Of course if I took something to help me sleep, then I might get another four hours. I don't want to become dependent on something to help me sleep. I'm still in pain these days from my back and neck. Dang stress! New sitter seems to be working out okay. We will see how she handles Vicky on her bad days. She's been arguing about getting a new CD player these past few days. Thinks I have money growing on trees so I can just take her to the store and get one. Ha! It may only be 20.00 but that 20.00 has to pay house bills first before she can be happy with a new one. Besides the "old new" one only lasted two weeks!!! Mom is trying to stand firm on this one. I don't think she's learning anything though. Except how to make her Mother more nuts....

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