Saturday, June 09, 2007


Let's see, what is first?

Kidlet is going to Oklahoma on June 30th to July 14th. Yay me! I'll be broke but I'll get a break for a bit.

I have my parts for my AC stuff on pickup. Waiting on a friend to send me money for the labor so I'll have AC this summer! It's horribly hot and humid out there already, I don't think I would make it this summer without AC in truck too.

I'm going to hide my credit cards and just pay cash for everything for the rest of the year. I really hate living paycheck to paycheck sometimes.

Job keeps laying people off and I think we may not be open by the end of the year. If we are, I would be very surprised. There are a few jobs in this town but not very many. Especially not jobs where I can work the hours I do now. Sighs.

Legs have been really hurting me lately.

The less I eat, the more I gain.

I am still alive! That's a good thing, right? : )


dona said...

Glad to hear you are getting a much needed break! It's nice that you have someone to help you with kidlet. Sorry to hear about the AC troubles, but hope you get it fixed soon, its nice to have friends! :)

SymplyAmused said...

I got my AC parts in but found out I ordered the wrong compressor!!! They are sending a new one and I will be returning that one. Yes, it's nice to get a break sometimes too!!