Monday, June 04, 2007

It's a sad sad day..

When you have to throw out your scale! It seems no matter how much I watch what I eat, how much I walk (as much as my knees will allow), I can't seem to LOSE a dang pound. I just got on the scale this evening, yes..a bad time to weigh oneself, and I discovered it read 190 lbs!!! I am disgusted with myself for weighing that much. I am 5'7" so at least it carries sort of well but it is beginning to bulge too much in my gut and thighs. I need a personal trainer, oodles of exercise machines, and liposuction? haha right. Oh yea, my back is so so better. I'm being careful about what I lift or don't lift at work right now. Thanks for the well wishes on that one!! : )

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dona said...

Hey when you are done with your personal trainer & excercise machines, send me your left over money for lipo and I will do the same and we can both go out for the nite! Oh and you will have to pay for that too as I am broke! :)