Saturday, June 16, 2007

I noticed...

It's been five days since I last posted something so figured I would write.

Things that are going on in my life:

1.) My boss goes to his new job on Monday. He doesn't actually start the new job till Tuesday so it's all up in the air as to how he will like it and if he will really quit at our workplace. (I'll keep you posted)

2.) I'm still waiting for the replacement AC Compressor to come in. I thought it would be here by today so that I could take truck to shop on Tuesday. Cross your fingers it comes in on Monday.

3.) I really hate summer. Why? Because I have to pay a sitter twice as much to watch the kidlet and that takes a chunk out of my paycheck. We don't need food, nope, not us.

4.) I don't like the fact that if my boss quits, I'll lose my vacation I was planning on having while kidlet was in Oklahoma. Not fair.

5.) I'm moody, can't you tell? : )


2 Dollar Productions said...

I don't blame you as that's an unlucky set of things. I hope your vacation stays intact, your AC comes in as it's getting hot in Tx, and as for the previous post, yes smalm meals about every 3 hrs is the way to go AND don't skip breakfast.

Good luck.

SymplyAmused said...

No word on vacation nor AC compressor as of yet. Not holding my breath. : )

dona said...

Wow, what a bunch of things to go sour at once. I too hope you get your much needed vacation, and pray you get your AC fixed soon. Best of luck on everything.

dona said...

Oh by the way, I am tagging you.
I got tagged and have no one to tag but you..hope you don't mind.