Thursday, April 17, 2008

School work, school work...

I've been really busy doing a lot of school work lately. I think I found out how they do most of your testing. They make you write PAPERS!!! So far I've written two papers, well, wrote one I'll turn in. The second paper still has problems with it but I'm working on it. I'll be starting up a team paper this weekend. It has to be around 1,750-2,100 words between three people. I'll write up a tentative paper and turn it in to my team. They can add/subtract whatever they don't like. We also have to do a power point project but fortunately one of my team members knows how to do that so she is in charge of building it off of our highlights. Wish me luck!

On a more personal note, I received some pictures in email yesterday of my Grandsons. The youngest I've yet to see in person! Sarah, my daughter, has lost sooo much weight. I guess chasing after two boys will do that to you. I'm posting them for your viewing "oohs and ahhs".

This is Caleb : )

This is Ryan : )

This is skinny Sarah!

I am hoping Sarah will bring the boys up here this summer since it's so hard for me to get down there. If not, I think, when I'm laid off I'll see if Lauren wants to ride down there with me to go see them. We will see! Toodles...


dona said...


Look at those eyes! So cute. Sarah is skinny from the last pic I saw...but still very pretty! Oh to be skinny....:)
Oh and GOOD LUCK!!!!

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