Saturday, April 12, 2008

Still hanging in there...

I've been able to write a 350-400 word essay that is due during week four of class so I am glad that is out of the way. I now have to write a rough draft for my Individual paper on team dynamics. I am going to write about conflict resolution, I think. I started writing it only to find out that I have no clue how to cite or reference the documentation I wish to use. It is off our school web site. I've looked at numerous examples and finally just decided to change the format of my paper and use other sources. I will ask my teacher how it is done so I will know in the future. For now, I don't want to overstress myself about it and I found other resources that will work just as well. Now if I could only figure out how an Introduction differs from a Thesis statement. Any clues, anyone?

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