Sunday, February 06, 2005

What I like....

I think sometimes about what I look for in a mate. Perhaps I am too picky. Not willing to settle for someone who cannot stimulate my mind as well as my soul. I don't go for looks although I will be human and say sometimes it's good to just look at someone. I go for their mind. I want to be seduce with words, thoughts, emotions, and feel as if I am peeking inside a part of them that they hide from the world but not from me. I come across very few men that intrigue me to that degree. Right now I can count them on my fingers. I want to peek at their mind. The mind. The most complex, orgasmic, and appealing part of a person's body. I don't want the looks, they fade. I want the mind. For it is in the imagination that you will always see what you wish to see. Always feel what you wish to feel. And always, always, be entertained.

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