Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've been thinking about what I wrote earlier and I may have not been clear on some things. I have friends with whom I don't mind hearing about their troubles. I consider it a privilege that they trust me enough to talk to me and I want to listen. I just don't want to listen to this guy. I think perhaps because he reminds me of how much I used to be. Ms. Passive Aggresive. IF someone didn't have time to chat or want to be around me, I automatically assume it was ME, my fault, because they didn't care to be around me right then. Now, after much reprogramming, I think to myself, "Okay, they are busy. I'll catch them later." It's taken me a long time to quit feeling so guilty or saying "I'm sorry" all the time to people. This guy does that. Everything starts with, "I'm sorry, but..." and that makes you feel guilty. Guilty because if you don't listen you'll hurt their feelings. Guilty because YOU don't want to listen and you shouldn't feel guilty at all. Not everyone will get along with everyone. Fact of life. So to my friends out there that read this, I WANT you to keep telling me your troubles! Makes me forget my own. Besides, how many times have you listened to ME?

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