Friday, April 08, 2016

Differences of opinions...

It was an interesting night in the chat room this evening. One topic was the subject of birth control and who should be responsible for it, man or woman? Personally, I think a woman should be in charge of her own body and birth control. If you are mature enough to have sex with a man you should be mature enough to not assume a man "should take care of it." Be independent and in charge. Buy your own method of birth control and use it. What really strikes me as funny? This is in a room where some if not all of the women should be post menopausal or starting to be menopausal. Birth control is NOT a factor after that. Safe sex is a factor. If you are a woman, would you truly trust a guy to safeguard your body and have your interests at heart. I think not. I think they would just say, "Oh, don't worry about it. I'm safe." Women, never assume anyone is safe unless you've personally gone with them to see them tested and pick up the results. Take charge of your body and buy your own protection. It's could be a decision between life and death. Literally.

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