Friday, April 08, 2016

The Art of Conversation...

I know I have ranted on this before somewhere in this blog but it bears repeating over and over again... Where has the Art of Conversation disappeared to? I recently started going back on AOL and I've yet to wonder if maybe that was a mistake on my part AGAIN! While it is nice to reconnect with online friends I have seen or chatted with in a long while it's the MEN to whom this rant is about (sorry guys). I started going back to AOL to see if I could find some rare much needed adult conversation that didn't involve the words, "Mom...Mom..." those with kids can fill in the blanks. I have been fortunate to find a few that still believe conversations should and can be about books, art, music, life, dream, hopes, and just day to day dealings. These few I cherish and hope to keep around for a while to chat with..the others? Not so much. I have never understood why a man will start talking sex with a complete and total stranger online. Would they do it in real life? In public? At a party or small gathering with a woman they just met? I wish someone would explain it to me. I try to cut these people off quick because I don't really like it, I think it's crude and rude to go from a seemingly normal conversation and then bring sex into it. It's a turn off for me. Majorly! You will have more luck if you just talk like a you aren't a sex-crazed man who never truly gets any and must chat about it with me in IMs. Intelligence is what turns me on. Manners. Caring about my day as I always ask someone about theirs. I recently found myself knee deep in a chat with yes, basically a stranger, because I've not met him nor talked to him on the phone, about sex. I am now not sure if I want to even continue this friendship because I've put myself into a position in which I swore I never would be in. Have I told him? No. Will I tell him? Eventually, yes. For to be honest with myself and him, I must. Will I probably lose his budding friendship, most assuredly but at the risk of my own moral code, so be it. If you want to get to know me, the real me, read this blog. See my pain during the times I've been alone without support or friends. See my strength and my weaknesses. Know this to those who continue to want to discuss sex in my may get away with it once or twice but eventually, I will cut you off. Completely. It's not that I don't need sex. It's just that I prefer it in person where I can actually see them, touch them, feel them next to me, and hear their voice. That is a turn on. Not some chat with a stranger I don't truly don't know yet.

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