Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Men, you may want to skip this one...

Okay, I haven't mentioned this in a while and it's beginning to bug me. I am 50+ days late on that dreaded thing women go through every month and although I should be jumping for Joy, I am really starting to worry. I know this is normal as I am peri-menapausal but what happens on the day I do start? Tremendous cramps, overly flow, and worst headache of the year? Men have it so lucky. Their bodies don't betray them with hormones going wacky, thunder thighs and hips, and they have that ability to look in a mirror and see Mr. Universe when all we see is Daisy Duck on drugs. I'm not sure lately if it's the heat or not that's been giving me headaches and making me feel as if I could kill someone on some days. Granted, the death wishes haven't been too bad yet for anyone but it could happen! I tried to explain this to a guy recently that I don't want a man in my life right now. If I can barely stand myself, how can I expect anyone else to stand me. I do all right on long distance relationships (online) but if you are too close to me, expect too much of me, and get in my face at just the wrong moment, then you are history. Some days it takes all I have NOT to kill daughter and I'm expected not to kill anyone else? (just a joke there folks) Let's just say any patience I have at this moment is concentrated on my daughter because I am very low on it due to this hormonal wreak I could be if I let myself. Now where are my dang Excedrins??

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