Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Still here and still alive...

I'm still alive although the worthiness of that is debateable given the heat lately. Nothing like working in a warehouse with no air, 110 heat index, and sweating as if it's a sauna. I've been trying to do my work (fetching records) in the early part of the day and paperwork in the afternoon. Trying, being the key word here. So far the record part is working out okay but as for paperwork, I'm a tad behind, again. I'll try once more tomorrow to play catch-up. As for the home front, we are still surviving. Eliminating some expenses. Trying to figure out how to keep electric down with this heat being so bad. I have three window units and I hate to run all three all day and night. Trying to exist on two with fans blowing. We will see come electric bill time. Kidlet is doing good. She never realizes otherwise though. Good thing, eh? : )

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