Friday, November 17, 2006

Beta Blogs..

I made the transition to the Google blog and I guess we will see how it goes. I can see it now, losing everything I've written in the past year but then again, it's not all that important anyway. Just ramblings...

The holidays are once again upon us and at this time of year I always get down. I don't mind being alone, not really, but sometimes, I do get lonely. I wonder where my life is going to go and if I will like the path it does take down the road. I look at my weight that I can't seem to shake off and just hate the fact that my body is no longer as supple as a twenty-year old. Who wants a woman with stretch marks, cellulite, and wide-ass hips? I'm tired this evening. Kidlet decided it was time to get up at 3am this morning and when I'm tired, I'm whiny. Something in the air today is tearing my sinuses up and that is also making me very miserable. I wish this weather would make up it's mind. Cold one day and somewhat warm the next. I can't afford to get sick so I'm convincing myself it's just sinuses and will go away SOON. All I really want to know is answer to that age old question... "Are we having fun yet?"

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