Sunday, November 19, 2006

Melancholy Moods..

I think I figured it out. Why I've been so of late. I am needing a supreme adult conversation. On books, life, anything but Smallville, CDs, and "Mom, I need...". I am rarely starved for conversation with others usually due to the fact that a lot of people rarely are into books or philosophy anymore. The Internet has taken place of their entertainment and news. I was reading another blog the other day where Stephen King was mentioned (check link on the right) and it brought back memories of discussions I would have with other book lovers. I hear a lot of people these days say, "Oh, I never read fiction". I wonder why? What is wrong with using fiction to escape to a place only your mind can find? I think reading a book that makes you use your imagination to place yourself there works it so very well. You can read non-fiction but usually there is no tale, significant story line, or sometimes terror built in to make your mind try to imagine, "What's next?". I've read a few biographies in life and they are all the same. They hop, skip, and jump from one part of the person's life to another. No main line to keep me interested. Of course, I did read one book this weekend that I would normally never touch, "Culture Warrior". I recommend this book mainly because it will make you think. O'Reilly has managed to "awaken" a part of my mind that I usually keep closed off. Politics. I rarely think about politics. I figure this world is going to move on in any direction it wants to no matter what I choose to do. His take on secular-progressive vs tradionalists makes for an eye-opening interesting read. I won't go into long details about it, get the book. I don't think you will regret it.

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