Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Oh yea, did I mention??

The job placement agency called me today at 4:59 wanting to know if I could go for an interview TOMORROW morning. First off, I hate short notice stuff. I have to talk my boss into letting me off work to go. Second, the dentist office FINALLY called yesterday and had to schedule the kidlet's dental surgery on the FIRST day of school! If we didn't do it then, it would be several months before she'd go in again. I had to tell the placement agencies that I couldn't do it until after the 1st of Sept. She takes precedent over finding a new job at the moment. Anyway, we will see how it goes, right?


2 Dollar Productions said...

It's always amazing to me about dentist's office and how quickly they fill up for months in advance. That's too bad about the timing, but at least you'll get it out of the way.

And to combat the groceries, go raid you local library. Cheap entertainment.

SymplyAmused said...

At least they are giving her the first surgery appt. of the day!