Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A bit remiss...

I've been a bit remiss of late, writing in here. I've been busy at work and come home tired and brain refuses to function anymore than it has to at times. I've also been a bit concerned about my health. My blood pressure is becoming iffy and I am afraid that hypertension is trying to get a foothold on me. No one in our immediate family has had problems with blood pressure so this is a first for me. I've been reading up on it through various web sites trying to find out as much as I can to be informed. I can see now that I will definetely have to change my diet. Eat a bit more salads and fruit instead of snacks at work. As for exercise, I get plenty of that at work. Anyway, we will see what happens with my new regime. Life itself is okay at the moment. Child has been sick but getting better. I am going to try to write in here not just when I am sad but when I am happy or content. I tend to write more when I am sad. All in all, so far, it's been an okay week but then, this is only Tuesday : )

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