Saturday, January 29, 2005

Time is getting away..

Time has been getting away from me this week. So much has been happening. My child still is sick but hopefully new meds and diligence this weekend will get rid of it all. I've not been well either so spending any extra time resting if at all possible. My computer decided to blow itself up Thursday. The thought of a computer committing suicide to get away from you is somewhat daunting . My oldest fortunately had a "new" computer that she was not using because they just bought a "newer" Dell so Mom gets custody of this one for a while. Yippee! It is better than my old one. Work has been slow fortunately for me since I am not up to par to deal with it. Hopefully all this "crud" will be gone by Monday, if not, I think I will carry myself to the doctor to see what I can do for me. But barring all that great fortune, we are doing rather well. Have a good one!

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