Saturday, January 15, 2005

Metaphysics: Understanding the meaning of life...

I've recently become interested in reading about Metaphysics. Trying to understand why I am here at this particular space and time and if there is a specific reason for it, what is it? I also hope to find answers to other questions more personal that I care to share on here but as far as understanding it, I think you can read many books on the subject and never truly grasp their meanings. I think Metaphysics comes down to intrepretation. How you perceive your world and your place in it. How you perceive others as they cross your path in life. I've always believed things happen for a reason. You many not know what that reason is but it's there. You meet people who make an impact even if fleeting or an event occurs that transforms you and inspires you. Life is full of contradictions. I guess that is what makes it so fascinating, don't you think?

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Romani Heart said...

So nice to see some deep thought :)
I've been dabbling in metaphysics a little myself, seems I've been on a lifelong search for meaning.. something more. Oh and.. love the cowboy list!