Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Story...

There once was a woman who cared too much about others. This woman would email asking how they were doing, just to say hi, or IM to inquire as to their well-being. Because she felt that everyone would maybe feel better knowing that someone who crossed their path noticed them and cared. As time went on, this woman noticed, that no one would email her, ask about her day, or IM to check on her well-being. She became very sad and depressed to know that she could fade so quietly into the background that no one even knew she was there. The only thing that gave her hope were the few, not many, that would IM her or email her to see how she was doing. This woman has reached a quandary in life. Should she keep on caring about others or close off those feelings deep within her because it is too disheartening to realize that she cares too much and others care so little. Or does she just keep on being who she is realizing that expecting others to care is asking too much of them and her caring should not be based on responses of others. She does it because she asks nothing and yet, a part of her does ask.

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