Saturday, June 24, 2006

Artists and their work...

I wonder at times how much of themselves are truly seen in every artist's work that they do. An online friend is a sculptor and I visit his web site from time to time to view his work. Trying to see how much of himself he put into it or if it's just a rendition of his reflections of his world. It's not always easy to see the hidden parts of what other's do in their lives. Subtle meanings are there, I am sure, but to view his electic work is both daunting and a joy. Daunting because I don't always understand it and it amazes me the directions his mind will take. A joy because he puts it online for others to view and enjoy the work. I don't truly understand all types of art anyone does but I try to see what I get out of it and I think in the long run that is what they want you to do. Every once in a while I come across a painting, writing, or sculpture that makes me sit back and say, "I can see my own self in that", and it draws me to think about my life and my own artist wanting that I've always held back and in check. I used to draw as a child but somewhere along the way, I lost the urge. I write now, this unconsequential nonsense you read here but it's an outlet for me as I am sure every piece of artwork is for those that do their art. But then, that's what it is all about, isn't it? Letting a piece of yourself out, setting it free, to roam into other's minds as only they can interpret it?

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