Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's amazing..

The way things happen in life. I have an online friend in Florida that I talk to on the phone quite often if we don't catch each other online and I found out this evening that he had been SHOT over the weekend! My first reaction was to cry with surprise then I browbeat him because he didn't let me know! He is under strict orders to give his mother my phone number, just in case. I've never met this man and we are only FRIENDS but I care about him like a brother. My life would be that much emptier if something were to happen to him and he would be gone. I pray for his sake he can move as he wants to, SOON. He's trying to sell his house, sell things he doesn't want to store, and then he's going anywhere but there. All this because some kid wanted to show how tough he was and shoot him because he could. Sighs. This world is falling apart. I admit I live in a cocoon at times. This town has it's share of crime but not like that of big cities or other major towns. I've had my CD player stolen from my pickup (which I have yet to replace) but other than that, nothing has ever happened in the many years I've lived here. I can only continue to pray that it doesn't take a bad turn at any time. I'll say extra prayers tonight for my friend and hope he continues on a road to recovery. Irony though, the bullet (38) is still in his NECK! The doctor are afraid to remove it because of the so many vital parts in the neck area. He was sooo fortunate it missed everything!!! Life is tough all over.

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