Thursday, June 22, 2006

Is it wrong tooo....

Be jumping up and down for joy because next Friday my daughter will be going to Oklahoma for a week???? I love my child, yes I do, but I love my sanity more. For one week out of every year a long time friend has taken my daughter for me. Every year for the past 20 yrs. Sweet, eh? A week doesn't seem like very long to some maybe but to me, it's one week of not hearing, "Mom", or not hearing the radio blaring the same song over and over again. This week her favorite is, "I'm having the time of my life" because she loves the movie Dirty Dancing. On top of listening to the radio she also watches Smallville with the sound turned down. Strange child, I know, but it makes her happy. I also get to MOVE the week she is gone. I am on vacation and will be moving our things into a new place so when she comes back she will have a new room and house. Mom won't get much rest but it will be restful not having to worry over her. Believe me, that makes a world of difference in my life. Is it next Friday yet?

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