Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's bad enough...

That moving day is just around the corner but for the new tenants to show up at your door asking when you are moving out...ACK! Excuse me people but I do work!! I can't budge a thing until Saturday and I didn't even get the keys for the new place till today!!! I did have some small measure of joy in telling them that the appliances go with me since I bought them. Wait till they find out the smaller AC units are mine too. I can't help it they want in so badly that they already transferred their electric to here and my electric company closed my account without even notifying me. There should be a law against that happening. They should call and tell you, "Hey, did you know someone wanted to transfer the electric"? At least give you warning that they were tampering with your utilities. I now had to do a mad dash to get my electric transferred, gas moved, and tomorrow try to get my water done while I have to work and go to Oklahoma. It will all work out eventually, I am sure. I am just a major STRESSER when it comes to things like this happening. I can't wait to be moved though. The new place looks ten times better than this place. New paint on the walls and new carpet. Kitchen needs some help but it will do. I have a week to decorate things how I want them. Yippee!!!!

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